Herschel Select XLS Blanco
360 Herschel Select XLS Blanco Select XLS white infrared panel heater with SMART-R receiver Herschel-Select-XLS-White-infrared-panel Select XLS white infrared panel heater 300W Select XLS white infrared panel heater 400W Select XLS white infrared panel heater 600W rear view Select XLS white infrared panel heater 1100W rear with mount Select XLS white infrared panel heater Easyfix Select XLS white infrared panel heater susepnsion bracket

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Select XLS – White Frameless Infrared Panel Heater

¿Qué tamaño de módulo necesito?

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Vatios Tamaño del módulo cm Zona calefactada
300 30 x 90 x 1.6 5 - 7m2
400 60 x 60 x 1.6 6 - 8m2
600 60 x 85 x 1.6 11 - 13m2
800 60 x 120 x 1.6 13 - 8m2
1100 60 x 155 x 1.6 15 - 24m2

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The Select XLS White Infrared Panel heater represents the definitive in simple, efficient, smart heating. This super-slim panel incorporates Herschel’s latest innovation with Herschel SMART-R technology integrated into the panel. With three wireless thermostats to choose between (sold separately) this plug and play frameless panel can be smartphone-enabled or even voice controlled when used with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Available Wattage is 300, 400, 600, 800 and 1100 Watt units.

The Herschel Select XLS White delivers all the benefits you’d expect from our low energy, low carbon heating. The space-saving white infrared panel heater comes with the EasyFix mount for quick installation, has an aluminium front emitting surface and aluminium rear surface with an insulating layer to prevent rearwards loss of heat, and is designed with sustainability in mind. The Select XLS packaging is close to 100% recyclable and has been specially designed so over 95% of it is fully recyclable at end of life and the panel’s solid-state components ensure longevity.

With a 5 year warranty, Herschel Select XLS can be wall or ceiling mounted and delivers the perfect choice in maintenance free, no hassle, low energy heating for homes and businesses alike.

There are three options (sold separately) for operating your XLS panels. Choose from a battery operated controller (T-BT), a mains / USB powered controller (T-MT) or plug-in controller (T-PL). Both T-MT and T-PL have in built Wifi allowing APP and voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant. Select your thermostat below.

Note the Select XL has been replaced with our upgraded Select XLS range.  

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Vea el video de instalación Easy-Fix.

The heated areas are a guide only and assume a medium to well insulated space with an average floor to ceiling height of 2.40M.  If room heights are greater or there are other building factors to consider then please Contact Herschel, or contact your dealer directly so that a more detailed assessment can be carried out.

Datos técnicos

Superficie: sin marco, aluminio revestido de polvo blanco (RAL:9003)

Parte trasera: plancha de aluminio con sistema de montaje Easy-Fix de Herschel

Cable: cable de alimentación de 1.8 metros

Voltaje: 230/240V, 50 Hz

Protección: IP44.

Calidad y seguridad

Norma RoHS
IP 44
60 meses de garantía.

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4 opiniones de Select XLS – White Frameless Infrared Panel Heater

  1. Alan & Clare Wenham, Sheffield

    The panels have been installed for over a month now and are simply wonderful.
    Quiet, is the best thing about them, no more noise from creaking water pipes and radiators!
    The electrician was so impressed that he might even buy some himself!
    Your company’s service was excellent and the radiators arrived in double-quick time.

  2. John Hitchings – Manoir La Betoulle

    I was a bit sceptical about infrared heaters until I visited a building using them and was so impressed that I had to buy one and install it in a large bathroom that always felt cold – problem solved! I can now envisage using them in many other situations particularly as installation is so easy.

  3. Trevor & Sue Vallance

    We have a 900w Glass Mirror panel and a 750w white panel. We are very impressed so far with, one the look of both panels, and two the heat generation. The remote receivers are working very well and our electrician has installed both units away from the heaters at low level next to the power points. Both heaters are synchronised with the wireless thermostat. We were impressed with the order process and your assistance with our requirements.

  4. SamAdmin

    Really impressed with process from start to finish and love the heat. 5 stars

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